wDec 19, 2008

Final Fantasy XII thus far

I love the Final Fantasy games. VII will probably always remain my favorite, and I'd like to replay it some time soon, perhaps. With each installment, it's nice to explore a new and interesting world, while also seeing familiar elements.

I have yet to see a Biggs, Wedge, or Cid! The chocobos are totally badass in this game, though, and they look real and believable and are the caliber of what I expected in Final Fantasy Tactics, if the game could have had cooler graphics.

Anyway, I'm loving the Ivalice setting of the game, just like I love it in Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. I love the medieval European feel, the knights and castles and armor and honor.

My favorite character is Balthier, hands-down. His English accent and snarky comments make him feel like Spike (of Buffy/Angel) reincarnate. But Balthier has better style than Spike. I love his fresh white shirts, and the fact that he gets upset if they're dirty. I love the way he holds his gun, and the gold trim on his clothing. MOST OF ALL, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM. If Balthier dies, I'm going to be upset.

I find Vaan pretty useless and uninteresting, as far as heroes go. I even like FF8's Squall more than this guy. Luckily, I love everyone around him. I was wary of Penelo, expecting to find her irritating, but I really do like her. Also, surprisingly, I expected to fall head over heels for Ashe and love her like I love FF9's Princess Garnet, but I'm not really feeling the love yet.

I read somewhere online that originally, Basch was going to be the main character, but they decided, as they always do, to go with a younger, impressionable hero. I think it'd be really cool of Square would make the jump and have an older protagonist, or (God forbid!) a female protagonist!

Oh yeah! Usually, I don't like "complicated" menu set-ups, but I kind of dig the licensing system. I love the battle set-up, and how the perspective doesn't change from wandering around to the world map to battles. I like being able to change characters mid-battle, and....yeah, I love everything, except that I seem to constantly be short of money in this game, and it seems hard to find good weapons for everyone (especially guns!).

Still, I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far, and hope that the storyline gets even better.

Where I am right now, and my favorite plot point thus far.

Anyway, I'm about to go into the tomb of Ashe's family, and see what's going on in there.

So far, the best writing definitely goes to the prologue. What balls! Killing the character from whose perspective the gamer is playing? Genius! I didn't see it coming at all.

Also! While doing a Google image search for Balthier (*cough*), I found this website to be vastly interesting! It explores the copious similarities between the Star Wars trilogies and Final Fantasy XII. This thought actually occurred to me when Miguelo was introduced, and I expect will become even stronger as I continue to play.

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