wDec 23, 2008

8,000,000 things make a post

There are things I need to do, and am not doing! Apparently I'm going to be in the next Wiscon Chronicles book! The write-up I wrote about the YA Fantasy panel is going to be its own article, and Oyceter mentions me in her write-up of Bodies in Shoujo Manga (BEST PANEL EVAR). I'm pretty excited about this! But I need a bio. What do I put in a bio?! "Mystickeeper reads books and squees about them online." Has anybody read these Chronicles books? What do the bios look like?

Additionally, I haven't watched a single DVD, haven't read anything except manga, and basically do nothing but play Final Fantasy XII. At least I'll be busy on Christmas Eve and Day, being with my family and stuff. Still, I feel like I should be a little more active, or a little more balanced. Curse addictive personalities! This is why I refuse to ever look at World of Warcraft, or even try drugs. I would be gone to the world.

I am still frustrated in Final Fantasy XII! I spent most of the day being not frustrated, so I guess that's good. At a friend's suggestion, I went and did some hunts, going back to a Save I had with Larsa still in my party (an extra party member who uses his own potions?! WIN.). This was okay for about 4 hunts, but now I am too weak to do any more hunts! Grrrr.....I'm in some underground cave in the middle of the Dalmasca Westersand and it's kind of hilarious because I'm trying to get to the Mark I'm supposed to kill, but instead have to turn off my characters' Gambits and run like none other. GRRRRR. I want my characters to interact! Also, are there any nice guides to side quests online? I was using a walkthrough at GameFAQs, but I only refer to it if I encounter a particularly difficult enemy or complicated dungeon. But now I want to go get cool stuff to equip on my party (like that Gold Armlet that gets me double LP!). Oh yeah! I summoned Belias one time in battle and he got KO'ed. Is there a way to bring him back?

The first season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is on sale at both Best Buy and Amazon.com for $12.99. I think this will be the first thing I buy for myself with the money I receive for Christmas.

I picked up a few volumes of the Lovely Complex manga at the library. I have watched the complete anime series, and wanted to see how the manga compared. While the anime sometimes took a bit of a dive in terms of budget and animation quality, that obviously never happens in the manga. Still, I think the series certainly benefits from having its Osakan dialect spoken aloud. This feature is completely lost in the English translation of the manga. I love the series for representing an "unconventional" love, and for always striving to keep things interesting. I love seeing Risa's outfits! Anyone looking for a quality shoujo series should check this one out.

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I hope we get to properly hang out in Madison :).

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