wNov 29, 2008

We're seeing "Bolt" tomorrow!

I read the first volume of Yuu Watase's "Imadoki!" manga. This put a spin on her usual schtick by not being supernatural. Still, the male protagonist was a complete jerk, but the female protagonist decided to put up with it, which means she finds him attractive. The female protagonist's best female friend turns out to be a conniving bitch. I've just go to wonder what Watase's female friends did to her in high school. I mean, seriously. My usual library has the rest of the series, but I'm wondering what the point of reading Yuu Watase manga is.

The first 1.5 volumes of D.Gray-Man have been pretty sweet, though. How come nobody recommended this in my quest for good shounen? 19th century England, an exorcist, nice art and great aesthetics (I love the moon, love the occasionally drippy backdrops), an enemy that manifests sin and stuff. Does it suck later on like Bleach? Because that would be pretty sad!

I know I watched the first episode of the D.Gray-Man anime and hated it. It seemed really formulaic and useless. I guess that was mostly the pacing, voice acting, and other stuff? Now I'd like to rewatch it to see how it compares.

Future shounen plans include: Continuing to read Naruto from where I left off, trying Gintama (the library didn't have the first three volumes there!), and continuing Claymore (I got two volumes today, which I will read before driving home). I'll probably do these things before attempting to return to Bleach, methinks.

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