wOct 27, 2008


EVERY YEAR, I get the same itch to write around October. It's because the first time I tried NanoWrimo, I started a story called "Ghost Hunters," centering on high school kids at a boarding school in the middle of nowhere going ghost hunting. The writing quality was pretty poor, but it's ghost-hunting and yay!fun.

Should I rewrite Ghost Hunters and work to actually complete it? Or should I start something new? One of my LJ friends is making an effort to blog every day, which sounds cool too (I would be more serious in my blogging, going for essays and whatever).

ANYWAY, this is the first year that I'm not in school during the month of November, and I'm wondering if I should try it again? Everyone and their mom is doing NanoWrimo, it seems, and it would be nice to rewrite all of the sucky parts. Also, I could not post things in a public blog as soon as I write them, and save myself some embarassment.

What say you, Internet?! Is this a worthy endeavor? Are you betting I'll only last 3 days like I do every year?

Maybe everyone who's doing it could make our own support community on LiveJournal? That way we won't spam everyone else in our personal journals?

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