wOct 20, 2008

Literary Update

Okay, so Sarah Palin is a good sport. Y/Y? Poehler's rap was bad-ass, and watching Alec Baldwin say what he actually thought was amusing.

For Wiscon Book Club this path month, we read Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood, which is actually a trilogy comprised of the titles Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago. I made it through the first two books, and about 20 pages of the third. I enjoy Butler's writing in terms of imagery and storytelling. The books revolve around the intersectionality of many topics: gender, sexuality, power struggles, humanity, and horror in encountering and loving an "Other" (in this case, aliens). And yet, while I sailed through the first book, book two was pretty stagnant, and from the bit I read of the third book, it seemed like it would be the same. The latter two set up really interesting premises, but then nothing happened. I think I like a bit more character development with my stories, or maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for them. I should point out that these are some of Gretchen's favorite books, and many people enjoyed them thoroughly.

For my "regular" book club, we read The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. I actually really love this book, but have only read about a third of it. Unlike Butler's Imago, though I do intend to finish it.

As for books I've actually finished? It's mostly been manga lately. I finished the first volume of the Batman Chronicles today. So much LOL! Hey, is there Batman/Robin slash out there? There must be. I just got the inkling when they took their little oath to fight crime and get each other's backs. I really love the ominous narration in these comics.
Already an almost legendary figure, the cowled shadow of the Batman prowls through the night preying upon the criminal parasite, like the winged creature whose name he has adopted.

A bit more creepily....after Robin was introduced, there was a sidebar for young readers to join "Robin's Regulars." No buttons or badges are needed....one must simply exemplify "Readiness, Obedience, Brotherhood, Industriousness, and (of course) Nationalism."

Yesterday I bought Tim Wise's Speaking Treason Fluently: Anti-Racist Reflections From an Angry White Male, and it's pretty damn amazing so far. But Tim Wise is always amazing.

There will be a "real life" update soonish. Books always come first, right?

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