wSep 24, 2008

A Giant Update of Doom....but everything is organized!

GUYS, Borders has a Norton British Literature anthology on sale for $5.99! $5.99! Shelley, Keats, Yeats, Byron, Faerie Queene, Canterbury Tales, AMAZINGNESS.

I repotted my English ivy and pink polka-dot plants, so that's good. ADDITIONALLY, I purchased a jade plant at the Farmer's Market today. I am determined to keep these plants alive, Internet. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I put them by the window every morning so that they get sunlight, and take them away from the window every night so they don't get cold. The pink polka-dot plant is supposed to like humidity, so I even set it on the shelf in the bathroom every time I take a shower. IF THESE PLANTS DIE, I WILL GIVE UP ON PLANTS.

People at work are getting sick, so I'm spending time drinking lots of tea, scrubbing my hands clean, and taking it easy so that I don't get it too.

Media Musings: Movies
I ended Sunday evening by watching Bobby, which made me cry unexpectedly. It was a well-made movie!

Monday, I went to the free screening of "Choke" with Antoine, Keely, and The Hammer. We also unexpectedly ran into Jaci and Dan, and the people who accompanied them! I love Chuck Palahniuk's writing style; he is one of my favorite authors. Choke is not a favorite novel of mine, but I appreciate his humor coming across strongly on the screen. The overall presentation was not nearly as bleak as it was in the novel, and I'm a bit sorry that not as much time was spent on the rock structure, but what can you do. It was a disgusting and delightful movie, as stories written by Palahniuk tend to be.

Media Musings: TV
Fringe isn't being all that great....I hope for awesomesauce, but don't really receive it. It's like sci-fi CSI, and I don't like CSI.

I'm an episode behind on Terminator, and haven't watched the premiere of Heroes yet, although I intend to. HOPEFULLY, Heroes won't suck any more.


Media Musings: Comics and Manga
I'm reading some Batman comics for the first time, in an anthology put out by DC, starting at THE VERY BEGINNING. Dude, 1930s comics are hilarious. "BUT THE GUNMEN RECKON WITHOUT THE GREAT SPEED AND AGILITY OF THE BATMAN." Mostly, I'm tickled with amusement every time he is referred to as "the" Batman.

I just finished volume 10 of Bleach. Is this the Soul Society arc that everybody raves about? It's....not that good. So far, the set-up arc has been my favorite.

And, lastly...Things I Shouldn't Say at Work (or, ever):
"Why the hell is everybody watching you guys play cards? Watching people play cards is only fun when the people are pretty, like on Celebrity Poker." I then lapsed into silence while watching my co-workers' faces slacken with horror.


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