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Geek.Kon '08

Okay, so I've decided I'm going to Geek.Kon and I'm going to have a good time.

I'll be at my part-time job until 11am on Saturday, but other than that, I'm pretty free to hang out. I intend to purchase things in the Dealers' Room and at Artist Alley. It's also be cool to attend panels with any of you who are going (this convention is free), or join people for meals. If you're on my friends' list and we don't have each other's cell phone numbers, let me know and we can PM.

This year's program book is available online in PDF format.

Anime Suggestions
A nice array of different kinds of series has been put up, and luckily for n00bs, the first couple episodes of each series are what are being shown. Here are my recommendations for those new to anime, or people who are looking for new series.

Genshiken (Sat, 10am)
About an anime club in Japan made up of university students. Focus on how anime fans are viewed in Japan, as well as relationships. A good series for people who are already fans.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (Sat, 1:50pm)
Based on a manga series by CLAMP. Princess Sakura loses all of her memories, and three men try to help her regain them with the help of the Dimension Witch, Yuko. Of course, the power she gives them doesn't come without a steep price for each person....

Story of Saiunkoku (Sat, 4:00pm)
I've only seen one episode, but I know it's set in medieval China, and is a combination of romance, comedy, and drama. Lots of people whose opinions I respect like it, so....go for it.

Paradise Kiss (Sat, 4:50pm)
Based on a manga series by Ai Yazawa, author of NANA (a favorite of mine!). Yukari is a high school student with a strict mother, and is sick of her life. She is whisked a way by a transvestite to a fashion club, where her new friends make her into a hot model. She's unsure of herself at first, but being surrounded by charismatic and talented people who are following their dreams changes her for the better.

When They Cry (aka: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) (Sun, 9:50am)
This series is probably not good for n00bs. It's heavy on the cutesy character design, but then tosses a mindfuck your way by having the characters commit heinous acts of violence, and then completely resets the world and relationships every 4 episodes. I've blogged about the first episode here.

Haibane Renmei (Sun, 11:30am)
I wasn't a huge fan of this series, but everyone else and their mom loves it. It has a really nice character design. Basically, girls wake up in a world where they are Haibane - sort of like angels, with wings and halos. Are they in an Afterlife? Is their world Heaven, or a Purgatory?

Code Geass (Sun, 2:10pm)
I blogged a lot about the first season. This series is essentially a beautiful and heinous soap opera with giant robots. Still, it has a really interesting premise and great character design, so I recommend the first two episodes to n00bs.

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES, EVER. It is hilarious. I don't know what else to say. Everyone should watch Azumanga Daioh.

Rough Outline of Stuff I'd Attend, if given all the time in the world
[With a note: The only one that's a must-attend for me is the CLAMP panel. So if you want me to go watch anime or something with you, I'll probably do it!]

I don't know who all this interests, whenever the panel on The Guild is, I know that Felicia Day is doing a live internet chat. So....that's cool.

12pm - Worlds of Whedon? It kind of sounds like a Whedon love-fest, which is cool, but could be boring?
OTHERWISE, Costuming on a Budget

Actually, who am I kidding? I'll need to eat lunch!

1pm - Alchemy for Idiots? (Panel about the anime Fullmetal Alchemist)

3pm - SF&F TV Shows?

4pm - Sari's CLAMP panel! I will probably contribute a lot from my audience chair, MWAHAHA

4:50pm - Go watch Paradise Kiss?

5:45pm - Watch the first 3 episodes of the X anime?

9am - Yaoi panel? Mostly, I want to see Sari and Brian's Ouran High School Host Club outfits, :D

9:50am - When They Cry anime?

11am - Parent's Guide to Anime? Mostly to offer suggestions

12pm - Ecological Disasters in Anime (again....a panel by Sari. LOL.)

12:30pm - Gurren Lagann anime? (I've heard a lot about this series!)

I do wish there was a way to see who's on what panels....I'd love to see Sarah Monette (and get her to sign my copy of Melusine!) and Patrick Rothfuss on whatever they're on, ever.

Regardless, the list of things I want to watch make it clear to me that I haven't made a lot of time for anime lately. There is an Anime Club-shaped hole in my heart.

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