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Last week was International Blog Against Racism Week. I've been saving all of the links to my favorite posts, and will post them soon. Perhaps tonight.

I just want an entire week in which I can sit in my apartment and get the rest of my stuff put away. It's presentable enough that I would allow people to come visit, but there are still a number of things for which I need to find spaces. I'm also really looking forward to getting some pictures on the walls.

I've got my manga shelved (except for the large stack for which there is no shelf!), but it's taking a while to go through my books and figure out which books will fit on my large bookshelf. For the most part, I'm taking out books I haven't read yet, so I'm not THAT GUY, the pretentious one who lines her shelves with books she's heard about but hasn't yet read. Of course, thus far the only shelf that's finished contains books on race, feminist books transitioning into literary criticism and reflections on women's literature, transitioning to 18th century women's literature written by women like the Brontes, Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Louisa May Alcott. I have a lot of glee about this shelf, I tell you what.

I was pretty crabby yesterday. I was all set to bake some lemon pepper chicken breasts, and Antoine came over. He unfortunately forgot to bring the xxxHolic movie*, and it completely never occurred to me to take the chicken breasts out of the freezer so that they might thaw.

Thus, I spent a long time alternatively microwaving the chicken and letting it sit in a bowl of water, to no avail. Chicken breasts will be okay if I put them in airtight tupperware and set them in the fridge, right? I have the minced garlic and the lemon slices, as well as thawed chicken, so I think I'm going to try again tonight.

I was pretty disheartened, wearing the heinous green chef's hat my sister got me for Christmas, and my apron. In the end, Antoine treated me to a slice of pizza at Ian's. I am convinced that I will continuously fail at domesticity, but Antoine assures me that the only way to learn how to get better at cooking is to make a bunch of mistakes and then never make them again.

I'm reading Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin for Book Club, and I am loving it. Have I mentioned that I've never read The Handmaid's Tale? I fail at life, but I think I like her a lot! I look forward to reading other stuff by her.

* I feel like every time I get something from Netflix for the purpose of watching it with someone else, it takes at least 2 weeks for things to work out so that we can actually watch it. I think in the future, I'm only going to watch the stuff by myself! I want my money's worth.

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