wJul 18, 2008

This has nothing to do with the post, but I'm still really excited about Avatar.

I have some thoughts on the first few episodes of the second season of Code Geass.

Thus far, I'm pretty underwhelmed. The first episode especially was almost an exact repeat, scene for scene, of the first episode of the first season. Which is kind of cute in a call-back way, but also annoying for the viewer in an "I already know this about Lelouch!" sort of way.

The thing I find most irritating about this series is the rampant fanservice, so watching Kallen in a bunny suit, and then piloting a mecha from an unnecessarily hentai-esque posture made me roll my eyes a lot. This show has so much going for it, and I wish they wouldn't ruin it with gratuitous fanservice like that. Especially with Kallen, I find her an interesting character with a lot of potential.

Same for Shirley. It's a cool plot device that Lelouch erased her memory, but wasn't she starting to figure things out at the end of last season? I find her much more interesting when she's fearful of Lelouch and figuring shit out, than when she's a vapid, excitable schoolgirl.

I'm sure Rolo will become interesting as time goes on, but I find it weird that the show is trying to make us care about a brand new character right off the bat. This show has an enormous cast, and I think it would have been a better choice to start with characters to whom we already have an emotional attachment, while having Rolo in the background, for the audience to wonder about. We'll see.

This is an intelligent campaign, but it bothers me when people misspell Battlestar Galactica's swear word. It is frak, not frack. Come on, people.

Let's say that I've always loved the old Batman movie where Jack Nicholson played the Joker (and yeah, I'm excited for the Dark Knight, liked Batman Begins, etc.). I read lots of manga and have dabbled into American comics, but don't know a ton about them. Let's say I'd like to read Batman comics. In what order should I read them? Just doing a search of the local library's stuff under "Batman" brings up 350 results, which is quite overwhelming!

Also, can any of the librarians on my list explain to me why graphic novels and comics are always shelved in the non-fiction section? It just seems so....counterintuitive to me.

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