wJul 21, 2008

Spreading Dr. Horrible

I've thought about this a bit the last couple of days.

I didn't watch the TV show Firefly (also created by Joss Whedon) when it was on the air, because I didn't know about it.

It certainly isn't overly necessary to pimp Dr. Horrible to the LiveJournal crowd because they've either seen it or read at least 5 posts about it on their Friends List. But who else have you told about Dr. Horrible, offline?

I've found it pretty easy to get other people to watch it. It's short, it has recognizable actors, and lots of people like musicals.

Getting people to watch it (and like it) might get them to buy the CDs, or the DVDs, when they become available.

It might get more people on the Whedon Wagon, and it might get more people to watch Dollhouse when it airs (in January?), thereby keeping it on the air.

So yes, I feel like it's most important to persuade mainstream people to try it out. I've found "Hey, did you know that the guy who played Doogie Howser is starring in an online musical that you can watch for free? It's pretty neat." I also usually point out that the first couple of minutes are slow.

I even directed two of my co-workers to meta posts on LiveJournal so that they could handle the end a little bit better.

Of course, there are always people like Antoine, who watch the first two minutes and then tell you that he didn't like it.

"But, mystickeeper!" you say, "This entire post is useless! Dr. Horrible is no longer available, as of midnight tonight!" And to you, dear reader, I would point you to Dr Horrible's Myspace page, where the header reads Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog may not leave just yet...
Use this opportunity to spread it even more!

As a side note, I think my favorite songs from Dr Horrible are Everything You Ever, I Cannot Believe My Eyes, Brand New Day (duh!), and Slipping. Slipping feels A LOT like Phantom of the Opera, to me.


scribbled mystickeeper at 12:12 AM

I don't blame Antoine for not liking it after the first two minutes. I was in a very WTF?! mood after watching the first few minutes of the first act.

Also, good point about getting people to watch Dollhouse.

By Blogger Dave, at 7:46 AM, July 21, 2008  

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