wJul 8, 2008

A Potpourri Post

A question for anime people: I love watching Rightstuf.com, and keeping an eye on their sales. Are there other websites on the Internet that I should be watching?

Look at some sweet Scott Pilgrim art! The characters are super hero-fied. If you haven't read Scott Pilgrim yet, you totally should. Dave, I'm looking at you.

linked to this in her LJ. Forgotten Detroit, a website with pictures of abandoned buildings in Detroit.

I haven't had time to read the entirety of this entry, but it's titled "Female, Muslim, and Mutant: A Critique of Muslim Women in Comic Books – Part 1 of 2," and it sounds very interesting.

Spoilers for Tsubasa, volumes 14 and 15

OMF, confrontation between Fai and Kurogane! I want to know Fai's tragic backstory! And I love the look on his face when he makes it clear that dying for someone else is totally different than himself happening to die in battle.

What's up with this copy of Syaoran? But if the eye is HIS, then maybe protagonist!Syaoran is actually the copy?!


Wahhh, it's totally cool that Kamui and Fuuma had their teams flipped! A universe where Kamui chose Teh Evil Side!

Sometimes I feel like Sakura is really trying hard, but then there are times like these, when Fai is all, "I'm glad she's asleep for this horrible world, it would be too much for her." O RLY? It just....makes me roll my eyes, I guess. I miss the old Sakura.

In conclusion....things are getting wacky, and I might need to begin figuring out another way to consume this manga, as the waiting list at the library is something like 20-40 people deep per volume, and there are only 3 copies of each volume.

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