wJul 16, 2008

I'll bend the world to our will / And we'll make time stand still

Can I just say that Dr. Horrible (the character) is totally TEH SEX? I love that man's voice! And I didn't know that he's on How I Met Your Mother! Between him and Alyson Hannigan, I totally need to watch that next.

Spoilerific notes on Tsubasa, volume 17!

OMG, Fai's eye was gouged out!
Syaoran fought his own clone!
Lelouch Lamperouge Subaru showed up!
Kurogane TOTALLY LOVES Fai! What will he do to save him?!

The Twilight movie is coming, and I'll probably mock that, too.
This shit writes itself.

Actress playing Bella: He [Edward/Vampire Love Interest] always acts like wants to kill me, and what I find interesting is that she likes it.

THAT'S NOT INTERESTING, IT'S FUCKING CREEPY, and I pray to God it doesn't make creepy want-to-be-boyfriends even creepier than they already are.

EDWARD LOOKS HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE His makeup makes him look....I don't even know. TERRIBLE. Do you not believe me!? Look at the cover of Entertainment Weekly! HE LOOKS HIDEOUS. Who would ever kiss that?! Not only is his makeup job atrocious, but he looks like he's about to start drooling.

I thought that perhaps the movie might be better than the book because it wouldn't have such heinous narration. But I don't think I'm capable of watching it without laughing at Edward the entire time.

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