wJul 19, 2008

The end is nigh

I'm not sure when I'll be able to watch tonight's 4-part finale. My nephew won his baseball game this morning (the second game his team won all season), and so he has to play again at 7pm. THUS, I'm not sure when I'll watch it, and I'm going to stay away from the Internet for once, because I am completely unspoiled.

I feel like this is the first American cartoon I've seen that I would compare to an anime, in terms of quality of animation, storyline, and characterization. Samurai Jack would be a close second.

Spoilers on the last two episodes, and speculation about the last 4

Okay, so like everyone and their mom, I've seen "The Southern Raiders" and "The Ember Island Players."

I liked the recap episode; as with many things on this show, that's a very anime-esque move to make.

I find it interesting that Sokka never told Suki about Yue! I don't care horribly about the romantic pairings on this show, but I would really like for Sokka and Toph to end up together.

While I like that Katara and Zuko are friends now, I hope Katara ends up with Aang. I that the show allowed her to be angry when he kissed her, though. "I just told you that I'm confused!" She didn't wilt under the magic of his kiss or any of that crap. She remain confused, and Aang felt like an idiot afterward.

I really liked Zuko's and Aang's worst nightmares being played out on stage. I'm hoping Iroh kills the Firelord so that Aang won't have to.

I wouldn't mind Katara bloodbending again, but it was enough for me to watch her do it in the Southern Raiders, and watch Zuko's face as he figured out what was going on.

Overall, I love how hyper-aware the show is of everything on the show. I love how they made fun of Katara's character; I loved Sokka saying, "You know, we were never really clear on that [Jet's death]."

What do I want for the finale? I don't even know.
I want Mai to kick ass. I want Ty-Lee to kick ass as well. I wonder if those two will help Zuko to bring Azula down. I wonder if the show will have Azula repent. Is she capable of that? No, she'll go crazy first.

I want Katara and Sokka's father to not die.

I want to see Aang majorly kick ass, with all four elements. I want to watch Katara and Toph and Sokka kicking some major ass as well. Basically, an amazing fight with every character ever would be ideal.

In the end, I'd want for a main character to die (maybe I've been watching too much Joss Whedon), but this is a kid's show, and I'm not sure they'll do that.


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