wJun 15, 2008

xxxHolic, Volumes 5 and 6

Spoilers for these two volumes lie behind the cut, as well as relationship drama in Cardcaptor Sakura.

I take back what I said about thinking it would be hot if Yuuko seduced Watanuki.

Instead, I want Watanuki/Doumeki! Is there good slash fiction about them?! I'm sure there is. Last night, I made the mistake of reading some Subaru/Seishiro, and now I sit and think about how hot various CLAMP pairings would be.

Anyway! Doumeki is totally the night in shining armor. He held Himawari's ribbon for ten hours, so that Watanuki could get back.
They held the lantern thing like a married couple!
Doumeki carried him to the health office when he was sick!
Doumeki shot the ghost woman, even if it might make Watanuki hate him!

Doumeki is totally awesome, and Watanuki should be in love with him! Maybe he's only attracted to Himawari because she has magic, just like Sakura was only attracted to Yukito for the same reason.

It's interesting that Doumeki can't enter Yuuko's store, and Moro/Maru can't leave. But Doumeki must have a soul, unlike them, right?

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