wJun 14, 2008

xxxHolic, Volume 4

I don't have many notes on this volume - most of the notes I'm making are cross-over ones. I hope to put up a guide of what order to read the volumes in at some point, as I was annoyed that I couldn't find one for myself. Also, look forward to my post on my preferred order for reading CLAMP manga!

Spoilers for this volume lie behind the grey.

Hey, what's up with it being cold outside, and Valentine's Day? Wasn't Yuuko sweltering in the heat just one volume ago? Does time flow backward in the xxxHolic universe?

Hmmm, why is Yuuko sealing the magic power of Watanuki with the black Mokona's ear clip? (It's pretty obvious why she would be amplifying magic power around the Tsubasa kids).

LOL to Yuuko's comment to Watanuki: "Just why are you such a loser with the women?" This series is hilarious.

Overall, xxxHolic is reminding me a lot of Tokyo Babylon. The story-of-the-week is basically Yuuko/Watanuki helping someone who's experiencing some paranormal problems. Of course, because it is CLAMP, there are veiled statements indicating that there is a lot going on beneath the surface of the characters.

This volume also made me feel sad for poor, lonely Watanuki. Himawari-chan isn't good enough for him! Stupid Doumeki! Yuuko should totally seduce Watanuki. He would freak out, but it could be hot.

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