wJun 24, 2008


So. Rightstuf.com is having a sale on anime-related accessories. While perusing the merchandise, I noticed some handbags with Mokona on them, AND THEY ARE SO ADORABLE. I really want one. Thus, Internet, you must help me decide which one to get.

This one is ridiculously cute. Enough said.

This one is more subtle. The Mokona is still there, but is not as joyful as it is in the first bag. Still, the color scheme of this bag is darker, and probably goes with my wardrobe better.

WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?! (Just be glad that I don't want this heinous one!)

Also, for my own reference, other things that I think look neat:
FLCL t-shirt
Adorable Fruits Basket t-shirt!

ETA: So, my friends at work think I should get this hat, too.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:04 PM

I think I speak for the internet when I say the first bag with the stripes is cuter and is artsier and more creative given the layout and use of line weights, though the second one is also cute because Mokona is in color. Yes, the second one would blend with your wardrobe, but given all the navy and black you wear the first may actually look better with your consistently navy and black wardrobe because it complements without blending. The bag will be positively highlighted by your clothes (navy and orange are complementary colors and black would be high contrast in a good way). That is my analysis.

Also, the fruits basket shirt is very cute.

By Blogger Steph, at 11:25 PM, June 24, 2008  

THe first bag because it's totally YOU! :)

By Blogger OgRe, at 6:39 AM, June 25, 2008  

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