wJun 14, 2008

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Volumes 6 and 7

My boyfriend Antoine has been following the xxxHolic anime since it came out, I think. He has now excitedly read the available manga in its entirety (almost all in one day, I think. There is a reason this man is my boyfriend!). Apparently, the cross-over value increases as both xxxHolic and Tsubasa go on, because he was opposed to reading Tsubasa manga before, but has since changed his mind!

Spoilers for these two volumes lie behind the grey.

It is simple, but I really like the line art in Tsubasa (I think my love of the line art in the xxxHolic manga goes without saying). ALSO, Fai is always smiling, and because this is CLAMP, HE IS PROBABLY TOTALLY EVIL! We'll see, though.

OMF, I keep thinking they're going to run out of character crossovers that make me squee, but then it's the CLAMP School Defenders Duklyon people! OMF, and RG Veda! WTF, Seishiro?! AND CLOVER! How many crossovers does this volume have?

(And as a side note, I forgot to record how excited I was a volume or two ago, when the CLAMP School Detectives showed up. They are so cute! I love them!)

So....Is Fai suicidal, then? He was all, "I will not fight hard enough!" And Kurogane was all, "GRRR, I will finish this battle for you, and then chide you for wanting to die!" Or did I misinterpret that? Poor Fai! Don't die just because you're probably evil!

OMF, Seishiro! And he recognizes Syaoran, which means he's world-hopping, too! And there's a book about vampires. Of course, my inner-geek would love it if it were called VAMPYRE, but I'll take what I can get.

Volume 7
Who is Seishiro searching for? Subaru, of course. And Hokuto?

Oh, Seishiro-san. Always waiting beneath the cherry blossoms.

Fai can't really be dead, can he?! OMF, yay, neither of them are dead! The virtual reality was a nice twist, especially given how much I didn't like Angelic Layer.

I miss the 19th century clothing of Fairy Tale World! :[

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