wJun 5, 2008

Season 5, through "Lineage"

I'm very disappointed with Spike thus far this season. Jokes can be great, but a big part of the reason why I liked him was his brooding, knowing quiet in some scenes. He's good at reading people, but now he's just comic relief, and boring to watch.

I loved Wesley shooting the robot he thought was his dad without hesitation, the moment it touched Fred. And, of course, his vomiting afterward. I love Wesley. HE IS MAKING ME MORE TOLERANT OF FACIAL SCRUFF ON MY BOYFRIEND. Bwahahaha.

I almost loved Fred a lot in this episode - calling Wesley on his sexist beliefs for needing to "protect her," and she calls him patronizing. And he is. But then Wesley's father appears, and it's clear that the writers just wanted to give them something to argue about, in order to embarass Wesley.

And I hate how this show makes half-assed attempts to make up for powerless women, and then takes it back. Cordelia gets sword-training, maybe actually fights once, and then gets pregnant and possessed and discarded by the writers, having now fulfilled her role. The only women with power are evil or corrupted (or disappear, like Kate!).

Overall, I'm bored so far this season. The Lorne-centric episode was a missed opportunity to go somewhere darker with his character, but maybe that's just me and my love of angst.

What's up with Gunn? How come Angel doesn't have bucketloads of angst about Connor and Cordelia? How can Fred possibly love Surfer Drawl Scientist (who I still think is evil) over beautiful, throat-scarred Wesley?

I continue to hope for the best, despite what the show has given me thus far.


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