wJun 1, 2008

Media Consumption Update

(Blog Layout Note: I figured that since I'm getting so many hits, I could update the layout, which hasn't been changed in over a year. LJ People, I'm talking about my blog, which is actually my default online journal.)

After finishing out the semester, my brain seems to be craving YA fiction and graphic novels.

Books I've Finished in the Last Week:
Yuu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend, volumes 2 and 3
Lloyd Alexander's The Beggar Queen (last of the Westmark trilogy, which I loved)
Tamora Pierce's Lioness Rampant
CLAMP's Chobits, volumes 1-4
Holly Black's Spiderwick Chronicles, volume 1 (I loved both the story and the artwork for this. I think it's much better than A Series of Unfortunate Events.)

Books I've Picked Up From the Library:
Marimo Ragawa's Baby & Me, volumes 1-3 (Discussed at the Shoujo Bodies panel at Wiscon)
Tamora Pierce's Terrier
Bill Willingham's Fables, volume 1 (I've heard that there are some skeevy race issues, but I'm going to try it out.)
Holly Black's Tithe (I'm liking this a lot so far.)
Chie Shinohara's Red River, volumes 3-5
Han SeungHee and Jeon JinSeok's One Thousand and One Nights, volumes 1 and 2

Enchanted was pretty awesome. I fell asleep for about 15 minutes of it because I was so tired yesterday, but I still loved everything I saw. Amy Adams was amazing.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was great fun, as Indiana Jones often is. I went to see it with my parents, sister, bro-in-law, and their three kids. The two youngest kids were pretty freaked out by the ant-scene, but other than that, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Of course, the franchise is still as racist as ever. A few spoilery comments: Okay, so in the end? It's revealed that the Mayans were "taught" their advanced technology by INTER-DIMENSIONAL ALIENS. I am not making this shit up. Other than that, though, the 1950s stuff was great, as was the action stuff. The only thing I didn't like (aside from skeevy race issues) was the over-use of CGI.

I have not seen the Sex & the City movie (I never watched the series), but Ann Althouse has, and has notes on how race is used in the movie.

Media-Related Story
Over a month ago, my friends Kristy and Chad wrote an entry in their wedding blog about auditioning to be extras in a movie that's currently in production in Illinois and Wisconsin: Public Enemies. Last night, while Kristy was picking up Enchanted at the video store, she received a call on her cell phone. The woman on the phone wanted to know if Kristy would like to film a scene on Monday. Kristy declined, stating that she had to babysit, and also that she was schedule for her first ever facial on Monday. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Facials can be rescheduled; Other babysitters can be found.

Here is a photo of Christian Bale from the recent shoot at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Note his dejection, stemming from Kristy's refusal to BE IN A MOVIE WITH CHRISTIAN BALE AND JOHNNY DEPP.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:04 AM

Why on Earth would Kristy decline that opportunity?! Way to be made out of fail...

By Blogger Gordon, at 10:52 AM, June 05, 2008  

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