wJun 18, 2008

I bring you both the heinous and the amazing, in one post

I found this by way of a Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime) LiveJournal community, and thought that I would spread the link. It is a fanmix, called "Apocalypse, Please." The page contains links to the songs, screencaps of the series, and quotes from both the series and the songs. IT WORKS SO WELL FOR UTENA, my favorite anime series of all time! Please, though, do not click the link if you wish to avoid spoilers. And believe me, Utena is one of those series best viewed without knowing spoilers, even if you are the type who usually doesn't mind. I've been listening to the songs for about a day straight now.

Yesterday, I began reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Before cracking the book open, I assured my co-workers that I was only reading it so that I could take notes and make fun of it in my blog. And I did exactly that for the first 50 pages. But suddenly, I was 100 pages in, and I couldn't stop reading. This book is SO TERRIBLE, but I couldn't tear myself away! Or at least, I was engrossed. Now, I'm about 100 pages from the end, and constantly rolling my eyes. How do I describe the heinousness that makes up this book? The protagonist's name is Isabella Swan. She has literally fainted after being kissed. The voice of her love interest is described as "velvety" EVERY OTHER PAGE. This books has vampires in it. VAMPIRES THAT SPARKLE IN SUNLIGHT. I shit you not, Internet. Also? Isabella Swan (aka, BELLA) is a total bitch! I refer you to something like page 29, where she laughs at the poor boys who are so nice to her, and obviously have crushes on her.

I couldn't put the book down because I knew it was absurd, but once the vampires became integrated with the plot, the book became too heinous to bear. I might finish this first one, and read plot summaries for the rest.

Also? The treatment of the protagonist as a female was AWFUL.

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