wJun 16, 2008

Angel, some Season 5 episodes

I haven't been able to watch this show as much as I would like lately, but I would really like to get through it so I no longer have to worry about spoilers. This weekend, I watched the third disc, and liked all of the episodes.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching characters flounder in angst, but I really feel like the show is a show, one where all of the characters are interesting, complicated, and doing something. Why couldn't this show have been this good all along?

Flailing notes reveal spoilers through 'Damage'

"Soul Purpose"
I think it's neat that David Boreanaz directed this episode!

It wasn't quiet as awesome as "Restless" in capturing the WTFness of dreams, but it came pretty close.

What was with that evil!Wesley camera shot? He'd better not be in cahoots with Eve! He has already betrayed Angel, even if he doesn't remember it. I'd put my money on Gunn, because this show is stupid enough to play that card.

One thing that I don't like about TV shows is the constant rotation of writers. You can really tell when there's a good writer behind an episode, and I almost can't stand watching the "normal" ones.

This one is a good one.

Spike through the window! That's just mean.

OH MY GOD, IT'S ANDREW!! He's so cute! And really unrecognizable with longer hair! Hahaha, he called him Frodo.
"Yeah, we saved the world together? Well, Buffy helped, but it was mostly....us?"


"Driven insane by Yoda knows who!" I LOVE ANDREW.

I think it's awesome that Spike "does Angel's job" while Angel works in the corporate structure.

"The air smells different. Stronger."
"Like nickels?"

Oh my God, his hands! Can vampires regrow limbs?! Oh no!
(But the media consumer in me is saying, YES!, THIS IS BADASS!)

Wow, I really like Andrew standing up to Angel. What a sucker-punch to the gut! Nobody trusts Angel because he works for Wolfram & Hart. I mean, I wouldn't either, but that's rough, yo.

"I'd give you the finger, but apparently I won't have motor skills until the drugs wear off."

This was a great episode! I'm excited to see the next one, even though stupid Cordelia is going to be in it (she was not stupid until she lost her personality!). The puppet episode is near, and it taunts me.


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