wMay 23, 2008

Wiscon: The View from Friday Morning

I keep remembering all these people I chatted with, who I forgot to mention in last night's post. For example, I met and we chatted about where to watch anime in Madison (if anywhere at all! I only know of UW Anime Club!).

I ended up falling asleep with my lights on and all my clothing still on immediately after blogging last night, so I was a bit rushed this morning. , I definitely won't have the FMA discs with me today, unless I decide to bus it home and return with my car.

My Wiscon Schedule for Friday, with a few blank spots

8:00am - ????pm ♦ The Capitol!

The Gathering
Special ♦ Friday, 1:00–4:00 P.M. ♦ Wisconsin & Capitol Ballrooms

Particular things I would like to check out at The Gathering:
Clothing Swap

Here's a chance to freeshop all those great clothes your WisCon compatriots have passed on, guided by the totally non-professional but ever enthusiastic Fashion Divas/Booth Staff, assisted by the incomparable divas Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman.

Lisa Cohen, Staci A Straw, Julia Starkey, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman

How to Fold An Elephant

In mere moments, transform your towels from useful objects into an elephant too cute for everyday use.

Kate Schaefer

(I wonder if you have to bring a towel?!)

Making Your Own Curry Powder

Ever wondered what mysterious ingredients went into curry powder? At this cooking demo, you'll smell the aromatic pre-roasted spices, grind and mix your own Sri Lankan curry powder, and get a free sample and recipe to take home with you. Vegetarian-friendly!

Mary Ann Mohanraj


Based on an analysis of your name and birthdate, numerology can tell you a lot about who you are, and who you are becoming. Come explore your Emerging Self! All you need is to be truthful about your birth month, date, and year.

Lettie Prell

(So I'm Catholic and I don't believe in this stuff, but I still find it interesting, especially considering how important it can be in manga and fantasy.)

Renaissance and Fancy Hair Braids

Sit down, relax, and let our master braiders turn your tresses into your crowning glory! Learn the basic three-strand plait, classic French braid, four-strand chain, five-strand weave, rope accents, and the elegant crown.

John Wardale, Katje Sabin

(I didn't know they taught other people how to braid. I can braid my hair normally, and can also French braid (although I would probably have to practice a few times - it's been a while), but it would be neat to learn other kinds!)

2 Nordic Trek

Reading,Viewing, & Critiquing Science Fiction and Fantasy ♦ Friday, 2:30-3:45 P.M. ♦ Senate B

The long journey across the Gethen Glacier in Left Hand of Darkness. The Svalbard of Iorek Byrnison in The Golden Compass. Even the Alaskan village of 30 Days of Night. The frozen north holds allure for more than Green Bay Packer fans. Whence cometh this fascination? Panel may include dramatic readings; the highly imaginative (or suggestible) should bring sweaters.

M: Adrian Simmons, Evelyn Browne, Maureen Cohen, Lori Devoti

Undecided for the 4:00-5:15pm slot. I'm not wild about any of these panels, so I might just chill. Also might grab a bus, return home, and come back to the Con with my car so that I don't have to worry about getting home tonight.

12 Opening Ceremonies

Special ♦ Friday, 7:30-8:30 P.M. ♦ Wisconsin

Undecided for the 8:45-10:00pm slot. I'd like to attend the LiveJournal panel, the Not Just Japan panel, the Racism in Fantasy panel, and the Puncutuation and Grammar panel. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

30 Sherlock Dracula: The Appeal of the Vampire Detective

Reading, Viewing, & Critiquing Science Fiction and Fantasy ♦ Friday, 10:15-11:30 P.M. ♦ Senate B

Whether it's strictly forensic or mystically motivated, television vampires seem to have a nose for crime-stopping. In Toronto there's Tanya Huff's one-time royal heir Henry Fitzroy of Blood Ties, and actual cop Nick Knight of Forever Knight (on the night shift, of course). In L.A. there's brooding Angel of Angel Investigations and now private investigator Mick St. John of Moonlight. Why has the intersection of the detective genre and the vampire genre become so popular? It is all about redemption, or about sexy vampire powers that are good on a hunt?

M: Linda McAllister, Michael D. Thomas, Jorjet Harper


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