wMay 22, 2008

One day, I'll be clever at coming up with titles

Last night was Wiscon Book Club at Brocach, which was a good time. bought me a Guinness for my birthday, which may or may not have made me pleasantly tipsy (it doesn't take much to intoxicate me). Wiscon Book Club itself was pleasant; we had reserved the upstairs, so we had it to ourselves (and had our own bartender!). We discussed Sarah Hall's Daughters of the North, which I already posted about. We decided that for next month, we will read Shelley Jackson's Half Life.

In addition to Book Club, I managed to get to Walgreen's (once I was much more sober), wash a load of laundry, and read a little bit. I don't know if I can finish Tamora Pierce's Lioness Rampant, but I'm a third of the way in. It will depend on how busy we are at work today.

Today, I intend to eat lunch at a new food cart on the Square, that sells Indian food.

I'm pretty excited for Wiscon, and everything else. :D

Today's Schedule, as related to Wiscon

The Capitol! ♦ 8:00am - 5:00pm

Registration Packet Stuffing

Special ♦ Thursday, 5:00 P.M.-6:30 P.M. ♦ 2nd Floor Lobby, Concourse Hotel

A Room of One's Own Reception

Special ♦ Thursday, 6:00 P.M. ♦ 307 W. Johnson Street, Madison

Madison's feminist bookstore, A Room of One's Own, will host its annual reception honoring authors attending WisCon. Both Guests of Honor, L. Timmel Duchamp and Maureen McHugh, will give readings.

Nerd Karaoke

Thursday, 8:30pm, Karaoke Kid

Unofficial gathering planned by , which will include both Wiscon people and grad school students who are friends of my boyfriend (AND THUS, ME). I'm not 100% sure if I'll attend this or not yet: It will depend on how tired I am, I guess, and who's going. Despite living in Madison, I've never actually been to the Karaoke Kid. My friends usually go there as their last bar of the night, so I've usually gone home by them.

I'm not sure where dinner fits into that yet, and my boyfriend might show up for Nerd Karaoke (he did not purchase a Wiscon ticket).

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