wMay 6, 2008

Days of Excitement

It's been quite warm outside today, almost too warm for my tastes. I like it when the temperature is about 60 degrees, or perhaps a tad warmer. I like being able to walk for a while without perspiring.

Yes, I do have pictures from the "Public Enemies" shooting and really will post them at some point. This won't be like all of the other times I've promised to post photos, and then never did.

Yesterday, I filled a canister of gas for the first time, so that I could fill the lawn mower tank. I have filled my car's gas tank many times, but this was the first time I set a plastic red tank on the ground and filled it. I half-expected the attendant to come running outside to tell me that I was doing something wrong, but apparently I didn't! The lawn got mowed, although one part of our yard is particularly treacherous (the top of a retaining wall). While trying to get some of the weeds, I biffed it and got a nice grass stain for my efforts. Next time, I think that I will attempt to mow more safely, and let the weeds win.

I am beginning to really, really look forward to Wiscon. As I have not yet had any luck with this job application business (on Saturday, I received a rejection letter from one of my personal heroes!), there is not a lot to look forward to. But Wiscon? I think that the entire month of May is spent flailing in excitement, being at the actual con, and having Internet-excitement of the aftermath spill over into June.

TAMORA PIERCE WILL BE THERE. At least, according to the schedule of somebody else. Sarah Monette is going to be on a panel on grammar. And! And! And! So many awesome things. I'd really like to see Maureen F. McHugh on a panel, as I loved China Mountain Zhang. Lots of people on my Friends List are going to be on panels, so hopefully I'll be able to see as many people as possible!

Tonight, I went out for Gretchen's birthday. Elisa, Sandy, Bridget, and other LiveJournal were there. Also, people who aren't on LiveJournal (Jaci). It was pretty awesome, except for when I got stung by a hornet. That sucked.

Just when I was excited that a new version of "Wuthering Heights" was going to be made, I learn that the BBC is making another version of Jane Eyre, starring Ellen Page. It will be nice to see if Ellen Page can branch out into new roles, but the BBC just made a new version of Jane Eyre two years ago! And it was very good! Go make a movie of Charlotte Bronte's other novels, BBC. Or make that movie about Rupert Giles that Wikipedia says you used to talk about.

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scribbled mystickeeper at 11:56 PM

For a moment I thought the title of this entry was "excellment," and I breathed in the awe of its lexical genius, only to realize you actually wrote excitement. I'll give you credit anyhow.

By Blogger Steph, at 11:17 AM, May 07, 2008  

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