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Buffy: Through the last episode, :'(

This is a highly imperfect post, but I really can't organize it any better. It's finals week. Don't hate me.

The sweeping orchestral score remains stuck in my head, and probably will for days. For the most part, Buffy music (aside from when the characters sing) has faded into the background for me, and hasn't been particularly notable. The exception to this was the background music in the final episode.

Anyway, spoilers through the last episode of Buffy.

Episode-Specific Notes
"Dirty Girls"
Holy crap, "Dirty Girls" was such a good episode! Although, I really don't like him dressed as a Catholic priest. I loved the gushing wine, Xander's eye getting mushed out, Potentials getting killed, and Buffy on the floor. She really is being stupid, even though I hated Giles for trying to kill Spike, too. I was actually not digging this episode too much until it all came together at the end and there was gore.

The fact that Wood wants Buffy to be a general and Wood is being controlled by the First is unsettling to me.

"Empty Places"
I liked Spike just holding Buffy all night long, although I did like the throw-back to his attempted rape.
(Spike counters somehow)
"You really have problems with that word, don't you?"
I'm sure that there were some fans who were angry about Buffy's re-acceptance of Spike after his attempted rape. I forgive him too, and I agree with her that his having a soul makes things different now. I do feel like she forgave him a little too quickly, though?

It doesn't make sense to me that everyone would kick Buffy out of the house like that, :/ I liked Spike sticking up for her, fighting with Faith, and trying to find Buffy.

I loved the expression on Buffy's face when she sees the weapon - when she knows that this is right.

"End of Days" and "Chosen"
I get that it's the end of the world and whatever, but it would have been nice to see a little bit more of Buffy making up with her friends. I mean, they kicked her out of her own damn house after telling her why she sucked.

With that, I now give you my caps lock-ridden play-by-play.


LOVING: Buffy/Xander talk, Buffy/Faith talk, Buffy/Spike talk

Especially the Buffy/Faith talk.
FAITH: "Feels like mine. Must be yours."

OH MY GOD ANYA/ANDREW. I adore their supply-gathering scene in the hospital. EVERY MOMENT OF IT, especially their wheelchair fight.


Oh man, I loved the Principal Wood/Faith scene. I didn't think I liked them together when they hooked up, but with them dishing their crap right back at each other, it made a lot more sense in my mind. I hope he's in the comics!

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. Giles and Xander playing D&D with Andrew was SO FUNNY.
"You go through the door and encounter Trogdor the Burninator." LOLOL.


I don't really like Kennedy, but man does she look good when she kicks ass.



I didn't cry until Andrew told Xander that Anya died saving his life ("Storyteller" makes this so bittersweet! He's telling a story but it's useful!), and Faith thinking Principal Wood was dead. Of course, Joss Whedon made both incidents mildly amusing.

Wow. The ending? Especially with the girls fighting? I think I could watch the Slayers' empowerment and fighting whenever I'm feeling bad, and never be depressed again. Really. That, combined with the Slayers getting empowered, made me that happy. I loved watching the girls throughout the world get their power, starting with Kennedy. The little girl playing little league softball. And especially, that girl in the trailer, stopping the fist, and ending it.

I get that it sucked that Firefly was canceled. But I feel like Gina Torres's role fit in a lot better into season 4 of Angel than Nathan Fillion's did into season 7 of Buffy.

I don't think that Caleb served any narrative purpose whatsoever. The First was controlling the Bringers, the vampires, etc. Why need a mortal to do it? Needless. Caleb was fun to watch, yes. But still detracted from time that could have been spent fleshing out some details a little better - how Buffy reconciled with her friends after they kicked her out, WTF with Dawn's story arc, Xander & Co. tolerating Spike in their midst, and there can always be more time for Faith.

Also, I'm sure that I'm in the minority here, but it also bothered me that Caleb was a Catholic priest. I feel like the show was making statements about the meaning of feminism being diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church, which bothers me a great deal. Even if Caleb was a necessary Big Bad for this season, I don't agree at all that it was necessary to make him into a Catholic priest. I think this bothered me also with the way faith was crossed with the Big Bad on Angel at the same time as this, which I'll go into in more detail when I post about Angel season 4.

Season 7 as a whole
Overall, season 7 is not my favorite. I liked 2 and 3 more for sure. Probably also 5, and maybe even 6. I liked parts of 7, and I liked the ending especially. Overall, there are lots of loose threads, and I am eager to see what the comics are like. After I watch Angel, Season 5, of course.

I've seen a lot of people complain about Xander getting the shaft in terms of his own storyline this season, but I think the person who suffers the most from this is Dawn. I liked her being grown up, though, and I liked her kicking Buffy for trying to take her away. She also totally kicked ass, in the end.

I still remain unconvinced of Willow and Kennedy's relationship. I feel like this is always what happens to Willow, though. With Oz, Tara, and Kennedy, every time it's the other half of the couple who notices Willow first. I get why they love Willow. And I get why Oz fell for Willow (it was so cute!). But with Kennedy especially, I don't think I was given a very good reason for why Kennedy fell for Willow, except to serve Willow's storyline.

I still have another season of Angel to watch, but for now my top three favorite characters of the Buffyverse are Buffy (Buffy has always been #1 for me), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, and Spike.

I should note, perhaps, that I'm not huge on Buffy/Spike. I love Spike's unrequited love for her. I understand why she slept with him in Season 6. But I agree with Spike - she doesn't love him ("But thanks for sayin' it." OMF, CRY!). My fairy-tale ending for Buffy and Angel is that Angel redeems his soul and becomes human again, and then he and Buffy spend the rest of their lives fighting, and die in battle.

I don't really understand the people who hate seasons 5-7 and pretend they don't exist, or say they're terrible. They were different from the first four, but they definitely didn't suck. Can someone explain this to me? Maybe I've just been desensitized by The West Wing. You want to talk about a huge break in quality between seasons 1-4 and 5-7, and you need look no further.

Is there good online criticism of Buffy somewhere? Or any books that I should check out? I'm not huge on fanfiction (unless it's Final Fantasy VII), but I am an English major, and greedily consume academic criticism on the things I adore.

I wish that I had watched Buffy earlier in my life than my last year of college. I wish especially that I had watched Buffy in high school.

I love the show Buffy more than words can express - the characters, the themes, the humor, the drama, all of it. But I think that The West Wing is and always will be my favorite TV show. Buffy is a very close second, though. I guess Buffy is more notable in that while both series had 7 seasons, I liked all seven seasons of Buffy, whereas in West Wing it was only the first four.

Also, I'm kind of spoiled for things that happen in the comics (I know, I suck! I can't help myself from looking at things on the Internet!), but try not to discuss spoilers for them in the comics. If there's anything I don't already know, I'd prefer to keep it that way.

I'm lucky that I don't have to wait years for the comic books to come out.

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