wMay 15, 2008

Buffy, Season 8: No Future for You and Chains

Spoilers for issues 1-5 lie behind the cut.

Okay, Xander? Is totally hot. ALSO, HE TOTALLY KISSED BUFFY AND I TOTALLY CALLED IT AT THAT HE IS STILL IN LOVE WITH HER (I could prove it, too, given how many posts I've made about Buffy! Somewhere in my season 5 notes, I think, when Riley left). But oh man. I love everything Xander did.

I liked "Chains" a lot, for a one-r. I know that Brian K. Vaughan will do the next four issues as a Faith arc, and I'm hoping he has a "one-r" after that, because I liked his one-rs in Y: The Last man.

Do people complain a lot about the comics, or are they generally well-received? I like reading them, although I sort of loathe reading comics one issue at a time: I much prefer waiting until an "episode" is done, and reading them all at once.

What I love most of all is that the dialogue is so in-character, and it feels like I'm watching the show. I can hear the characters' voices in my head, although maybe that won't be as prevalent with authors who are not Joss Whedon.

I like giant!Dawn, although I have to admit that it freaks me out a tiny bit that these girls have sex at such a young age (she must have been what, 16?). I understand that I am really old-fashioned, though.

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