wMay 18, 2008

Buffy, Season 8: Issues 6-12

I don't have anything particularly insightful to say about the Buffy comics, so I'll just note my random observations.

I have read through the first issue of "Wolves at the Gate." I know some spoilers, sort of, but just to be safe, please don't comment with any spoilers.

So apparently I was totally wrong about Xander kissing Buffy. Misleading close-ups, I'm looking at you. I will continue to believe that Xander has always been in love with Buffy, and always will be.

Buffy can never get a break, can she? I loved Giles going behind her to work with Faith. SECRET DEALINGS TO RESULT IN DEATH! As much as I love Buffy, I hated her for assuming Faith was evil again.

Does anyone have speculations on who Twilight is? I have a tiny theory, which is probably stupid, but it's a theory. In the two panels where Twilight goes to take off his mask, you can see a broad, defined jaw, and Twilight complains of his neck being "scratchy." Is it just me, or could Twilight be Xander? Out of all the characters in Season 8 thus far, Xander seems to get a lot of love. He is really hot now (or at least dresses that way), totally in charge, and as usual, incredibly sweet to Dawn, Buffy, and everyone around him. Meanwhile, Buffy has stolen things (although he probably helped in that?), Dawn slept with her boyfriend's roommate, Giles went behind Buffy's back, and Willow is keeping her girlfriend from Buffy because she has somehow chosen Kennedy over Buffy (I'm not really sure I fully understood what was going on with all those Tara/Buffy-resurrection references, but I get that it was supposed to be emotional and explanatory). But Xander is a wonderful specimen of a man, and this is Joss Whedon. Should we buy it?

I'm sure there's something painfully obvious that disproves this theory. But it does seem like Twilight knows Buffy, and has for some time - he decries her "always complaining," and Buffy does vent to Xander a lot.

I'm really not sure how I feel about Buffy's being with Satsu. I was following her when she was telling Satsu that she understood Satsu was in love with her, but that she didn't love her. I don't really know how in-character I find Buffy's being gay. Is that offensive to say? I'm not sure, :( I don't think she's in love with Satsu. Which makes it that much more hilarious that Xander, Renee, Willow, Dawn, and ANDREW all see them. And was that jealousy on Willow's face? It's hard to tell! I want me some Xander/Buffy.

Current Music: Some ghost-hunting show on A&E. My father demanded that I turn off the Angel DVDs (but not before watching gratuitous naked!Spike with me), turned this on, and promptly fell asleep.

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