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Angel: Season Four Wrap-Up

Spoilers through the end of season four!

This is random, but I thought it was neat that the last episode of the show's fourth season was more of a coda, much like "Restless" was in Buffy's season four. Not sure how I feel about that whole Wolfram & Hart crap. But it looks like Gunn might get real characterization?! OMFWTG!

As a whole, I like this season the most thus far. Unfortunately, like seasons 2 and 3, I think that it was strongest in the middle (although the first episode was my favorite). I wonder if season 5 will be better, or worse? I haven't encountered Angel as a puppet yet, so I know that I have that to look forward to, :)

Connor gets SUCH TERRIBLE LINES. "I'm about to have a baby, but all you can do is make jokes because you don't like me." WAH, CONNOR. WAH.

I like the Gunn/Gwen episode. I like watching Gunn doing things. I hate (and the show has made it clear that he also hates) that the other characters view him as "only muscle." And as Gunn points out - the show has been such a soap opera lately that nobody has been getting saved!

That was a sweet set-up of Cordelia! I like Lorne's chant, though. AND I LIKED WESLEY WITH THE SHOTGUN. Fred was pretty cute with a gun, too. Oh, weaponry. You make people so much more attractive.

"Inside Out"
I find it pretty hard to believe that Connor could take out Wesley and Angel, in addition to Fred and Lorne.


Jasmine didn't bother me as much as Caleb did on Buffy. I feel like this is also a perversion of faith, and once again, the show seems to be going after one that is uniquely Catholic. The presence of Jasmine as an all-powerful, all-loving, peace-inspiring goddess makes sense to me. The entire season (and show?) is about alienation, so it really did make a lot of sense. Also, it was easy to distance this representation of God from my God, as mine is pretty big with the free will.

What I found more interesting were the references to Communion. Normally drinking of Christ's blood is a good thing, but when people let Jasmine's blood mingle with their own, they see her maggot-ridden face. Instead of letting people eat of her own intangible body, Jasmine consumes the physical bodies of other people, for no apparent reason except to underscore her evil-ness.

I wasn't really offended by Jasmine's presence because, like I said, it made more sense (than, say, Caleb dressed as a Catholic priest for no reason). It was just really interesting to me that it happened on both shows at the same time.

I thought that the show would be awesome when she was evil, but it was not. In fact, I hated watching her even more. This makes me want to dig out my Buffy season 2/3 DVDs and watch Charisma Carpenter back when I thought she was a decent actress. Of course, part of the blame lies in the script, but HOLY CRAP, I hope that she does not wake up from this coma.

So....Did Angel kill Connor? Because that would be bad-ass. Or is this like "I Will Remember You," when only Angel remembers that Connor ever existed? I don't like that everyone else's memories get erased, just so nobody has to know that Angel killed his son. When your son ties bombs to people, including small children, your shared girlfriend, and himself, I think that Angel's friends would understand.

I kind of feel like I only continue watching the show for Wesley, and for narrative closure. I'm sort of watching for Fred, but I only really love her every once in a while, when she becomes bad-ass or when there is sexual tension between her and Wesley.

I'm hoping that the quality of the show will sky-rocket now that Buffy and Firefly are both done, and I'm not really sure what else Joss Whedon was doing with his time in 2003-2004.

Thoughts for Season 5
I forgot to mention this in my Buffy post, but WTF, how is Spike going to be in Angel season 5?! I know people come back from the dead and shit, but he looks pretty damn dead to me.

Season 5: THE YEAR LORNE SHOULD BE IN THE OPENING CREDITS?! For real, it's pretty ridiculous that he wasn't in the opening credits in season 3, let alone season 4.

Because I couldn't stand Cordelia, and could only stand Connor 25% of the time, Season 5 might be a lot better for me.

What else could Wesley possibly do to make me love him more? As I expressed in caps lock in my previous post, it's going to take a lot to top screaming at Faith to shut up, so that he can stab a heroin addict in the shoulder. Thus far, that's my favorite Wesley moment, although his throat getting slit and any scene with him and guns are a close second.

WTF happened to Justine? Did I miss it, or did she just get written off like Kate Lockley? Come on, show, no need to get rid of your few empowered females like that.


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