wMay 14, 2008

Angel: Episode 5.1

Spoilers through 5.1

I'm not sure how I feel about the Wolfram & Hart business as a whole, but I do take solace in the fact that the writers recognized how soapy the show was getting, and decided to shake things up. I like that they took Cordelia and Connor out of the picture entirely. I like that the plot looks like it has the potential to be more episodic.

I knew Spike was coming back, but I didn't know that Harmony was. Genius.

But, um, seriously WTF with Gunn's storyline? I mean, the man looks fine in a suit, but there's something about it that just makes me shudder. What is it? Oh yeah - for the only person of color on the show to be a more interesting character (presumably that's the goal?), or at least "to have a role," they literally take knowledge (Whedon was very careful to spell out that it was not intelligence - just knowledge) and implant it into his brain. Really? There was nothing else for Gunn to do? It's no secret that Gunn was not a favorite character of mine, but I really feel like something less.....drastic could have been done by the writers.

What's up with Fred's assistant who has the surfer drawl? I peg him as evil now.

The West Wing fan in me loves that Gunn now knows all of Gilbert & Sullivan, too. I thought it was just Aaron Sorkin, but apparently it's a lawyer thing.


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