wApr 7, 2008


Yes, I just blogged less than an hour ago, but there are new things to say, and some that I had meant to say, but forgot.

Last night was Book Club. I'm going to have to name the book clubs somehow, because I belong to two of them. Maybe last night's will be "Book Club," and the other one will be "Wiscon Book Club," as it will focus on feminist science fiction and fantasy. Anyway, Book Club is a club I found through Sandy and my TA from Women's Studies last semester, who is now my friend. I think most of the people in this book club are at least five years older than me, but after hanging around Antoine's friends so much, this isn't very weird to me any more. Anyway, Book Club is a lot of fun - it is nice to read things that I wouldn't otherwise read, and most of all I love looking at other people's houses and bookshelves. I want a tastefully decorated apartment. I'm not sure how well this will work out, given my Fullmetal Alchemist wallscroll, Horatio Hornblower poster, Frodo Baggins poster, various Harry Potter and Final Fantasy pictures, and my Buffy the Vampire Slayer calendar. I do have some artistically tasteful pieces for walls, but they are pretty small. WTF, being a grown-up.

There were lots of little things I wanted to accomplish tonight - practical things, like homework, or picking up the random dirty clothing on my floor....putting my space heater away in the closet. But I am not interested enough in any of these things. You know, winning at life. Doesn't interest me at the moment.

I hope that a fair amount of sleep tonight will make me feel better tomorrow. I can't afford another day of not getting shit one.


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