wApr 3, 2008

The Eve of BSG: Season 4 (The Final Season)

A lot of people on my LJ friends list found me through my frequent posts about Battlestar Galactica, mostly during the end of season 2, as well as season 3. I like blogging about TV (You need look no further than my many posts about Buffy and Angel!), so I feel kind of obligated to continue with BSG.

The premiere for season 4 is coming up this Friday, and I've already turned down two offers to hang out with people so I can watch this (I'll probably end up doing something anyway.....we'll see!). But I can't deny that my feelings are mixed.

All over LJ, especially my favored Battlestar_Blog community, there are many posts with people trying to guess the Final Cylon, various characters' roles, and what the ending will be like.

I choose not to partake in this because there isn't really a point. While the big reveals of plot points were exciting in fresh in the mini-series, season one, and the first half of season two, they get increasingly coupled with a WTF feeling - one that things aren't entirely making sense. And that's because they aren't. To me, there's no point in predicting the Cylon stuff, because it probably isn't going to make sense. I hope I'm wrong.

I keep reading newspaper articles and interviews with writers, in which it's a huge revelation that they're making stuff up as they go along, that the story has not been decided from the beginning, that the "...And they have a plan" in the opening credits doesn't necessarily mean that the writers have a plan. Usually, in the various articles, this is presented in a "Gee, what do you know!" fashion. I don't know about other fans, but my personal feeling is, "Well, no shit."

Specifics on things that don't make sense; Spoilers through the very end of Season 3

I never blogged about "Razor" because, while I found it enjoyable enough, it didn't really live up to the hype, in my mind. There were some interesting things, and a confirmation of one relationship that I DEFINITELY called a long time back, but otherwise....it just didn't sweep me off my feet like other episodes and arcs of the show have in the past.

So, on Friday, I will watch, with both fear and excitement. If I watch from my house, I might live-blog it. I'm just hoping that I will have lots of gushing and good things to say.


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