wApr 4, 2008

BSG Season 4 Speculation: The Last Supper Photo Analysis

Firstly, I posted about Buffy 7.1 here.

In case you haven't seen it, here is a link of the picture. I would say that the photo contains one spoiler for the end of Season Three.

Ron Moore has said a number of times that this promo photo contains a lot of clues about the end of the series.
Analysis of the photo contains spoilers through the end of season 3.

The first episode will stream live on SciFi's website today at noon. I'll be at work, and we're having a brat lunch today, so I won't be able to watch until 9pm tonight, like most people. I'll probably avoid LiveJournal until I've seen it. Last year, I was spoiled for most of the episodes before I saw them, but this year I've been trying to avoid spoilers when possible.

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