wMar 4, 2008

I have prevailed

You must forgive me for spamming LiveJournal. I have things to say, and am definitely not going to be productive tonight.

I was up until 4:00am last night working on my Constitutional Law midterm. It's so weird for me to be up late the night before everything is due, because I don't think I've ever habitually done that before. But that's been three projects in a row, :( I guess it's definitely a case of senioritis. When I think about how amazing it will be to done with homework for forever, I can't even describe the feeling of elation that I get.

For now, I guess I just continue being a bad student. I'm not sure how the midterm went because I refuse to reread my paper. It'll just make me feel terrible. I spent discussion section half-cringing, because every point made forced me to wonder whether my exam answers had contradicted what they should have said.

I didn't feel too affected by my lack of sleep today, although I was exceedingly grateful for my last class being randomly canceled. I got groceries! And I'm thinking my brain moves a bit faster than normal when not well-rested.

A recap of Battlestar Galactica, seasons 1-3. Obviously, there be spoilers! It's a pretty hilarious recap, though. Oh, Battlestar. I wish you could always be as awesome as you sometimes are.

Brett Favre retired today. My mom left a voicemail with me at like, 9am. My Constitutional Law TA said that when he received a call on his cell phone this morning, he knew that either two things had happened: one of his parents was dead, or Brett Favre had retired. I love Wisconsin.

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