wMar 1, 2008


Dear Blog,
Am home at my parents' house now. Chad ended up going to Chicago to schmooze with some law firms instead of coming along with me, so I was able to sing most of the way home. I never realize it until I do it, but I miss singing all the time. I don't like people hearing me sing, so because I live with people, I don't sing very much (in the dorms, I think I sang when Steph was gone?). This is because I'm not very good at it, bwahaha. Still, I had downloaded my favorites from the Buffy musical, so it was a good trip.

And not only for the singing! Half-Price Books had volume 6 of Tramps Like Us, so I snatched that. They also had 3 DVDs of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and because my nieces complain to me that Dylan watches the Avatar DVDs I gave him on the last two holidays every freaking day, I decided that he needed some more. At least this way, there will be more variety to the episodes he watches every day? Let's hope that Olivia won't hate me too much.

The GAP Outlet is once again my primary source for clothing. I feel okay about buying two $30 pairs of jeans, though - most of mine are wearing all the way through, so I guess that means it's time. There was also a mildly frivolous dress-purchase, but who can pass up a $10 dress?! THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

I got to watch the news with Dad, which I miss but never really think about. When I'm in Madison, I never watch the news, and get all of my stuff from the Internet and newspapers. I need to carve a place in my life for Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulus.

After a dinner of fish, Mom and I went to my sister's house to visit with the Beasts. Olivia is a Girl Scout, and my sister is apparently the "Girl Scout cookie" house this year, meaning that all of the boxes of cookies for her entire troop are in piles all over the house. It takes a lot of willpower, I tell you what. I watched some Avatar with Dylan and Amelia, in order to keep them out of the way while Olivia, Julie, Kevin, and Mom sorted cookie boxes.

Mom left, and I watched the Buffy musical with Julie and Kevin. Kevin has seen a fair share of Buffy, but had never seen the musical, so he loved it. I think my sister liked it too, although she made a show of rolling her eyes. Whatever, she totally laughed at the funny lines.

Anyway, I have a shower to take, aunt/uncle to visit, hopefully Kristy and Ryan to hang out with, readings for class, and - OH YEAH - that Constitutional Law midterm that's due Tuesday!

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