wFeb 22, 2008

Treading Water

I am an excellent bus-navigator
After dance class, I set out to myself some new car keys.

I took the bus to a car dealership by the West Transfer Point. This dealership could not make me my key (no dealership would answer this question over the phone, for reasons I cannot begin to understand). Thus, my first bus route has been for naught.
That was bus ride #1.

I got myself to the second car dealership okay Luckily, this car dealership was able to make the correct ignition key for my car. With the key in hand, I set off up the street. Perhaps it helps to paint a picture: I am dressed nicely for work, in tights and a dress. Because the streets and sidewalks are full of ice and slush, I am wearing leather shoe-boots, with my nice black shoes inside my backpack. Because it is cold out, I am wearing a sweater, large mittens, a scarf, and a coat over my dress.
That was bus ride #2.

With the key safe in my backpack, I walked a number of blocks and picked up lunch at Subway, and got on another bus. I finally arrived at work around 2pm, only 2.5 hours late, which I think is pretty damn good, considering I rode around half the city.
That was bus ride #3.

Of course, these maps do not show my bus rides from my house to campus, or from the Capitol to my house (it being the internets and all!). But I rode the bus for many hours on Wednesday. Needless to say, I am very happy to have my car keys again. My car did not get a ticket for being parked on the street, so that was another plus.

Wednesday night, I fell asleep at like, 10pm or something ridiculous, and didn't wake up until 5:15am or something. Thus, Thursday was spent hurriedly preparing my presentation that I gave today, for my Global Cultures seminar. I mentioned this before - it's the class in which everyone has studied abroad, and I did my presentation on representations of gender in U.S. comics versus Japanese manga. I was a bit nervous, and some of my co-workers assured me that, were they my classmates, they would make fun of me for the entire presentation. However, this was not the case. In fact, at one point, my professor asked me if I knew any Japanese. I said, "Well, I've watched so much anime that there are a number of phrases that I could say. I know that makes me sound like a huge loser---" and like, 3 girls were shaking their heads, and said, "Oh, no! You're not!" BWAHAHA. Anyway. So I got to show everyone pictures of Sailor Moon and Nausicaa, as well as Batman and Yorick Brown. A good day's work, in the end.

My professor told me that I had done a good job, despite my feeling inadequate over never having studying abroad. And two of my classmates were asking me questions after class. One of them told me that I had done a really good job, and she liked it a lot. I was feeling so awesome that I realized that this is one thing I don't get enough of, by attending a huge university: affirmation.

I feel like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders, now that my presentation is finished. Still, I have an English paper to work on that's due next Thursday, and my Constitutional Law midterm gets handed out on Tuesday. I'd also like to go home for a weekend (maybe next weekend!), not to mention cleaning my room, and spending more than 20 minutes with my boyfriend.

Two of my friends and I have to go out to some dance concert this weekend (tonight?!), because even though my Ballroom Dance class is only 1 credit, there are a number of extra curricular events we must attend, lest we fail the class. I personally think that this is stupid, and a ploy for the Dance Department to get my money (because, you know, I'm not already paying to take this course!). Also, what the hell! My weekends: I want them.

In the end, I can usually balance work, college, and a social life. But every time it comes down to it, this job-finding business is what I end up setting aside. I need to do a better job at it. One of my Lenten goals is to do at least one thing every day that is related to my finding a job. I need to do much better at it, although my "weekly room-cleaning" goal also needs significant work.

I think that what all of this means is that I need to get off of the Internet.

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