wFeb 13, 2008

I got zombies for Valentine's Day

When I was single for approximately 20 years, I swore to myself that I would remember how much Valentine's Day sucked when I was bitter and alone. Now that I am still bitter (or at least cynical) and in a relationship, I honor this vow by not making a big deal about Valentine's Day. I'll probably hang out with Antoine tomorrow, but I usually hang out with him on Thursdays anyway. We won't buy each other expensive gifts.

BUT, in the past, I think my mom used to give me Valentine's Day card. Since coming to college, I give her a lot of crap because I no longer get anything for Valentine's Day, nor St. Nick Day, etc., but she does remind me that she sent my brother and sister packages while they were at college. KTHX.

But today, I received a package in the mail containing what was supposed to be a Christmas present for me, but ended up being delayed until now (due to the comic book shop having to order, etc.). And that is the graphic novel Zombies Calling, by Faith Erin Hicks.

The book is short - it feels like 100 pages or so. It's a comedy about college students using "The Rules" (truths learned from zombie movies) to try and survive a zombie invasion on their campus. As is typical of works by Hicks, the graphic novel contains carefully inked and soulful drawings, funny one-liners, and a bit of social commentary for good measure.

At first, I loved Faith's completed online comic, Demonology 101. I've since been following her stuff for years. She shares a sketchblog on LiveJournal with another artist, but most of the artwork is hers. She also maintains a community on LiveJournal with information about her current comics projects.

I highly recommend Ice, which is on-going. The art is much more mature and evolved from the stuff from Demonology 101 (not to discredit D101 - I loved it - but Ice definitely shows a marked improvement).

So, check out Zombies Calling, and help support an awesome artist! Zombies Calling has its own website here, where, among other things, you can find a link to the first 15 pages of the comic.

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