wFeb 15, 2008

Elfen Lied, episodes 5-8

Did you think that this series couldn't get any worse? YOU WERE WRONG.

Spoilers through episode 8 lie behind the cut.

I still feel disgusted after watching this series, and once again, it's not the nudity (minimal in this batch) or the violence (Except for the puppy-beating. Apparently, even my tolerance has limits). It's watching every female character, and just....wanting to scream. I might need to watch some Revolutionary Girl Utena to feel better after this. This is one of the media-consuming experiences where about 85% of my conscious thought is something along the lines of, "I could write something much better than this."

There are only 5 episodes left in this series, and I intend to finish it out. If nothing else, I'll be able to argue with others about why it really sucks. I still don't understand why everyone likes this series. Even if the horrific gender-stuff didn't bother me, it's just really lazy storytelling. A harem anime with lots of weird shit going on for cheap shock-value, and dubious back stories rife with so much sexuality and improbable horrific shunning that I am unable to connect with the characters at all.

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