wFeb 9, 2008

But Mom, I just want to read comics all day!

Most of yesterday sucked. Worked sucked, which is rare. I also pretty much hate my Global Cultures seminar. It being 2.5 hours long has a lot to do with it, as does the fact that there is no lecture component. It's just listening to my peers prattle on forever, and think we all know how much I enjoy that. I think that I've decided that I'd like to do my presentation on media representations of gender roles, as compared by Japanese manga and popular U.S. comics (LOLOL I AM SO AWESOME), though, so that will keep me amused for at the least the next two weeks. The rest of the semester, however, will be spent listening to everybody else's study-abroad experiences. Maybe I can write papers during class or something, and pretend to take notes. We'll see.

Some friends of mine went out after work, but I really didn't feel like walking all the way up State Street again for only 1-2 drinks. So, I didn't. Possibly I'm lame, I don't know. I only ever drink a few, and then I'm done, while most people would rather drink a lot more. And that's cool. I just get bored after a while.

SO! Antoine and I went out for dinner at Vientiane Palace (I feel like I spell that differently every time I type it. I suck.) and it was delicious, as always. In fact, I'm about to make myself some rice and eat it with the leftovers.

THEN, we watched Terminator 2 with Antoine's roommate and roommate's girlfriend. It was pretty damn awesome, although I kept falling asleep and Antoine kept having to wake me up. Apparently, waking up early on Fridays makes my evenings incredibly low-key. I am okay with this. Anyway, I'm now ready to start watching the Sarah Chronicles TV show with all of the spare time I don't have. YES. I'll probably finish Buffy season 5/Angel season 2 first.

Anyway, today is Anime Club, and hopefully I'll continue to blog about Code Geass and Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied better stop being all stereotypical. I also need to come up with a succinct way to articulate why I'm not impressed yet, as I think most Club members will assume that it's because of the violence/nudity, which is totally not the case.

Current Music: Grand Theft Autumn - Fall Out Boy (That's right, I listened to Fall Out Boy before they got cool.)

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