wFeb 7, 2008


Holy shit. Yesterday was heinous. I was up at the ass-crack of dawn to go to a liturgy meeting, which I ended up missing because my bus was late (due to the snow). I made it on time for Ash Wednesday mass, though, and received a bold marking of ash that remained with me throughout the day, despite my forehead encountering copious amounts of snow. I think that at least one foot of snow dropped yesterday.

After mass was Ballroom dancing, which was mostly good, except when I sucked. More snow had accumulated when I walked to work, but once I got there, life was more weird. Most of the staffers had left, and there was nothing to do. Eventually, Chad called me and suggested I leave work early because buses and cars were getting stuck on the roads everywhere. A co-worker and I left together. Noting how many people were at the bus stops, and that buses were stuck on the Square, making it impossible for any more to get through, we settled for walking home. That is a 2-mile walk for me. Luckily, when we were 1/3 of the way to my place, I saw a bus on campus and sprinted for it. Pressed between people who were uncomfortably close to me, I stood while it surfed through many inches of snow.

is full of stories about the weather, so I won't go into too much detail about stuck cars, although I will say that I have a deep hatred for people smart enough to own cross-country skis.

A brief reprieve for dinner, then an hour spent plowing and salting our driveway and sidewalks and unearthing the cars so that we could move them to the proper side of the street (yay, snow emergency!). By the time we were done, with all of the walking and snow-moving I did, my legs were shaking. AWESOME.

To make matters even more awesome, our kitchen sink is clogged. Chad and I spent about 40 minutes using a plunger on both sides of the sink and unscrewing pipes underneath it to see if we could get the clog out. We did not get the clog out, although I did get soaked in putrid water.

By the time I got up to my room to do homework and job-finding stuff, I fell asleep without washing my face, let alone taking a shower. So at least part of today will suck, because I have nothing done. I guess it depends on how well I can fake it in my smaller classes.

I am sick of everything, but most especially, I am sick of never having enough time for myself and the thing I need to do to have my life in order.

Wow, what a cheerful morning. I shouldn't be so down - I was doing things that needed to be done yesterday. I can't control the weather, and I can't control when things break, either. Today will be better because I will make it be better.

If any ho-bag in any of my classes who lives in an on-campus apartment complains about having to walk to class today, I think I might leap up in the middle of lecture and punch them in the face.

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