wJan 3, 2008

Y: The Last Man

There's one thing I forgot to say about Angel, season 1. The Ring: BAD EPISODE, OR WORST EPISODE?

Because Gretchen is amazing, she lent me the first volume of Brian K. Vaughan's comic series, "Y: The Last Man." The series is published by Vertigo, a subsidiary of DC Comics known for publishing more "edgy" series that contain violence, mature themes, etc. Vertigo has published V for Vendetta, Preacher, Hellblazer, The Sandman, and more.

I've been reading Vaughan's Runaways for a few years now, so I was excited to try something else by him. This series definitely seems a lot more thought-out than Runaways.

The premise of Y: The Last Man is that every single man (and male animal) on Earth dies simultaneously. Except for one man: an unemployed English major named Yorick Brown. Also, one monkey: Yorick's pet, named Ampersand (lol English major).

I haven't read enough of the series to have much to say about it, but as a girl who loves English literature and American politics, this series is awesome. Yorick's sister name is Hero (after a main character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing), and I think it's the most amazing thing ever that he and his sister are named after Shakespeare characters.

I also love the new U.S. president, and I look forward to seeing how this series continues. Its exploration of how different groups of women react differently to the lack of men is really interesting, and makes complete sense.

oyceter on volume one here

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