wJan 25, 2008

What a week.

I guess I could blog before I get so tired that I fall asleep on my laptop. However, I woke up at 5:30am this morning, and that might happen anyway.

I really just feel run-down today. I lost my student ID and bus pass yesterday, which is obviously crappy. I live far enough away from campus that it takes about 45-60 minutes to walk home from where my classes are. It is cold as fuck outside, but I still walked home from my last class yesterday. Let me say: BAD CALL. I had to hug my thighs for a long time before I could feel them again.

Antoine and I went out for dinner, though, and had Mexican. So that was good. I also picked up some needed things from Office Depot, AND we went to Half-Price books. I picked up the Runaways v. Young Avengers comics (I've been following Runaways since it started), and The Beggar Queen, the last volume in Lloyd Alexander's Westmark trilogy. I look forward to reading it. Standing in bookstores makes me feel guilty somehow, though. There are so many books I want to read, and even though I'm reading all the time, it never seems like enough.

At dinner , the waiter set the bill in front of Antoine, and not in the middle of the table.

Glaring and snatching it, I mutter to Antoine, "That was a little presumptuous of him."
"Well, we didn't tell them we were going to split the bill, so they put it all on one."
"I don't mean how they made the bill, I meant where he put it."
"Oh. Well....I do have a penis."

Today at work, I was making a list of homework for the weekend, things I should do for Anime Club, when I should work, how I should get my student ID/bus pass, etc. And I started to freak out a bit. Also because I have intense girl-pain, and because of this mostly uninhibiting diet I have to be on until the doctor figures out what's wrong with me, I cannot take Tylonel. DO YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE THIS PAIN IS? The only analogy I've ever come up with is that it's like a wolf came and chewed out my abdomen. Not in a very abstract-metaphor way, but in a very literal "sharp teeth very rapidly separated my innards' cells from one another, and there was a lot of pain as I crumpled into a ball and died."

BUT, in the end I decided to ask off of work on Monday. I would have had to leave an hour early for the Student Org Fair anyway, and I really do need a bus pass and student ID, but felt too horrible physically to do it today.

Is there good news? There must be. For the most part, I like my classes. Although I'm still not sure what ballroom dancing will be like, because we haven't actually danced yet. I kept almost laughing in class, though. Because it is like Princess Tutu! Only real life.

I have a habit of laughing at inappropriate times, really. I always have to stop myself from laughing when I'm in church.

Anyway, I feel crappy, so I'm staying home tonight. Hopefully, my room will become cleaner, I will watch more Angel/Buffy, get some homework done, and possibly see Antoine.

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