wJan 2, 2008


After spending most of this break whining about all of the extra time I have, I suddenly don't have enough of it. I could whine about all of the things I have to do, but instead, I'll focus on good things. My mom and I have gone clothes-shopping the last couple of days, and I now have new clothes for work and for not. And they are nice. Clothing is good. Especially when you still wear things from middle school. I mean, hey, they fit, right?

Time has escaped me, and I feel like I haven't seen some old high school friends much at all this break (although, to my credit, it's quite difficult when they are in segmented clumps that don't mesh). There are things that I meant to do that I haven't done yet, but I think I just need to relax. There are still two more weeks left in this break, and once I get back to Madison, my life will assume its normal rhythm. I should be more thankful for all of the time I've had thus far.

Movie's I've Seen Lately:
The Paper Chase - TERRIBLE. My friends and I have a really terrible track record with the movies we choose to watch on New Year's Eve. At least there was alcohol, :)


Shoot 'Em Up - Meh. The hotness of Clive Owen does a lot for me. And I do understand that it's supposed to be campy, and there are lots of awesome action sequences and one-liners. But the fact that all of the female characters are all blithering idiots or nameless (or both!) is always distressing to me.

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