wJan 29, 2008

Life's a bitch and then you die

OMG. Okay. So, I will not complain about the cold. Yesterday, it was like, 45 (I refer to all of my degrees in Fahrenheit, I know Americans are stupid, I am sorry, the end) degrees outside. I even walked all the way home from campus, and it was nice.

Today started out nice, and it's been plummeting ever since. But, like I said, I have a few Canadians on my LJ friends list who have been experiencing -50 degrees. WTF IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Holy crap.

To make matters worse, either my car's battery or alternator is dead, as the interior lights faded and the "volt" light was on. I had just gone to fill the car up with gas so that I could still start it, and picked up some salt for the sidewalk. :( I just hope that I can get it figured out. I park my car on the street, and when there's snow, I need to move it every day.

This stuff with the car is just....shit I don't want to deal with.

When I called my dad to consult him about what might be wrong with my car, he asked me for the millionth time if I was applying to any graduate schools. He's not mean about it, but it's just....every time I talk to him, he asks if I'm applying to grad school or law school. And it's nice that my dad thinks I'm smart, and I know I'm one of the luckiest people alive to have parents willing to pay for more school. I know I don't want to go to grad school (unless I get some job where they're like, "Hey, go to grad school and we'll pay you more monies," and I would say something like, "HOKAI.").
The question of law school is one I consider, quite frequently. I love my Constitutional Law class. I remember loving my Criminal Law & Justice class. Being an English major is a good thing in law school (yes, it is good for something). And it's not like I have any idea WTF to do with myself anyway. But that's just the thing - I've watched Chad and I know what it takes to get yourself through law school - killing yourself to get shit done, etc.

Mostly, I just feel disgusted with myself. I am worth a lot more than a person who has no goals, aspirations, talent, or passion. I haven't dragged myself through so much shit only to fumble it now. And yet, there is no palatable option. Nothing is appealing.

The Org Fair
The semesterly Student Org Fair was yesterday, and it sucked. We fill half a table with DVD cases, manga, and figurines of anime characters. Two Club-members were there with me, so I wasn't alone (yay!). We hand out fliers with our website and meeting-time information, and I get to talk to people and tell them about Anime Club. Also, while we do have some curious people ("My brother is obsessed with this stuff....can you explain what it is??"), for the most part, we don't have to do much in the way of attention-grabbing. You are either excited by Evangelion robots acting out a death scene on a table surrounded by Japanese candy, or you are not.

But what sucked is that I usually have at least 2 pages full of names and e-mail addresses of new people to contact. This semester, I have less than ten. I have tried to do a lot for this Club, and it's getting to the point where I don't even know what to do any more. Sometimes, I feel like I'm a bad president, even though I know that stuff like this is beyond my control. :/

I have no notes on the last few episodes I've watched of Angel. They've been filler-y, but the good news is that the filler is so much better than season 1 filler.

As for Buffy!

Also, Giuliani = pwned

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