wJan 31, 2008

Holy shit.

I just watched the first episode on disc 5 of Buffy. "The Body." Or rather, I watched the episode that came before it, got to the end, and said, "WHAT THE FUCK." And then immediately put in the next DVD.

I know lots of Buffy spoilers, and I knew this was going to happen. But. Not like that.

Jesus Christ. If I can ever write as well as Joss Whedon....Well, I don't even know. What I would do. I think this might be one of the best-written episodes of TV I've seen. The only Buffy one that rivals it is "Restless." And some West Wing ones.
And who the hell ever thought that Anya would be the one to make me cry the hardest?

Beware of massive spoilers in the comments of this entry.


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