wDec 11, 2007

Writing end-of-the-semester reviews of professors is very therapeutic.

Before anyone else has a hernia, I should probably make it known that the Supposed Religious Zealot who left dickish comments in my blog that caused Ryan and I to spew fire is, in fact, Chad. As I'm sure you can surmise, Chad is extremely repentant for his actions, which were not meant to provoke a reaction in any way. He does not find the situation hilarious in any way.

An update on me
I handed in my genocide paper Friday morning before going to work about an hour and a half late. I feel like it's a terrible paper, but I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that standards are slightly lower in a Poli Sci class (as opposed to an English one). Still, if I was grading it, I'd definitely give myself a C. :/

Life got a lot better once I handed it in, though, life instantly improved.

Friday night, my boss had a holiday party at his house, so I brought Antoine to come party with all my co-workers. Alcohol was consumed (but not by me - I am a responsible driver!), discussions were had, revelations made, etc. We also did a secret santa at work. I made an extensive list of cheap things I would appreciate, so as to make myself the easiest person-to-buy-for EVAR. I received some Burt's Bees chap stick and some nice, argyle socks from GAP. PWN.

I was hella tired, though, from being up so late Thursday working on my paper. On Saturday, I relaxed and watched some Buffy, and then went to Anime Club, and then hung out with Antoine. Sunday, we ordered Chinese food for lunch with Chad and watched the Packer game. Thus far, it's been class and work this week. I'm really glad that I took off of work next week for finals. I'll have time to study and square all of my shit away before the break begins.

Kristen gave me the coolest Christmas present ever. It's 5 DVDs worth of Ghost Stories, or rather, investigating awesome places like the Tower of London.

I really need to start buying presents. ;_;

Chad and I have been shoveling and plowing snow like none other. We were out last Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Apparently, it wasn't enough for the woman who knocked on our door yesterday and told Louise that she was going to call the city about the atrocious state of our sidewalks (which, I might add, were much better than many of our neighbors, and certainly better than the shit I have to walk on all over campus!). So, Chad and I spent over an hour outside again, mostly chipping at the ice left at the corner from the plow. I wanted to write smartass messages for this woman with ice, but was persuaded by Chad that this was not advisable. Of course, to bless our hard work, the sky opened up last night and continued throughout the day, so Chad plowed again, but luckily I was able to get home and help scrape and shovel, and get my car moved to the proper side of the street before the sun set.

Although I just want to watch more Angel (especially after watching an episode over dinner!), I will now read for class and watch "Sicko" for extra credit in my women's studies class. Hopefully, there are not sad stories in it, although I'm thinking there will be. My hormones have gotten the better of me today. I've already cried twice, for absurd reasons both times. I don't need to do it again!

Also, I am running out of Kleenex.

Current Music: Shadow of Love - Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest) (from the NANA anime)

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scribbled mystickeeper at 6:52 PM

DAMNET!!! I wanted a good fight. Moahahahahahhahahah.

Sorry about ice--storm...that is crazy!

By Blogger OgRe, at 3:59 PM, December 12, 2007  

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