wDec 1, 2007


Am at Memorial Library right now, where it is very warm. The sky opened up this morning while I was taking my shower, and has been dumping piles of snow ever since. I don't know what the deal is, but the city of Madison does a really shitty job of plowing streets. And by that, I mean they could improve by bothering to do it at all.

I was convinced by Louise (roommate) that I shouldn't drive my car to campus - she got stuck on a road and had to let the car drift in reverse because her car couldn't make it up a moderate hill. Soooooo, I took the bus. Made an outline and a thesis for my women's studies paper.

Now I have to trudge across Library Mall to Humanities for Anime Club, and hope that the guys with the laptop will make it there!

Mostly, I'm worried about how I'll be getting home. A co-worker wanted to go to a couple of nearby (to campus) bars to celebrate her 21st birthday, but the buses don't really run that much past midnight or 1am. I'm hoping that the outing either gets canceled, or that Antoine is crazy enough to walk there, and then walk with me as far as his house, :) I did pack long underwear in the event that the buses stop running (that happened once last year), and I am still on campus.

I am glad that I didn't drive, though....the roads looked pretty crappy on my way here, and I can only imagine how bad it will be (....is? I've been holed up here for a couple of hours) once the falling snow turns to rain, and freezes over.


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