wDec 2, 2007

Well, that was heinous.

The last 15 hours or so have been exhausting. Anime Club was nice enough. Lovely Complex had some really good episodes, we played Apples to Apples, and Black Lagoon was ridiculously good (and disturbing). People in the Alt.Room watched some Fullmetal Alchemist, and had a pile of games as well.

After that, I went to a couple of bars with my co-workers, to celebrate a friend's birthday. I was pretty tired the whole time, having gotten up early and just watched four hours' worth of anime. Large bars that are packed are creepy. I don't like them. I looked like hell, and I'm not just being all, "I will say that I looked like crap so that you can reassure me of how beautiful I am!" I was dressed for the walk home, so I had a long-sleeved shirt and a hooded sweatshirt on, carrying a bulky coat, and a backpack. My hair was frizzed out, so I had it pulled into a low ponytail, which can make me look pretty masculine. Whatever. Still, when I'm sitting down with a beer and happen to catch the glance of any guy I don't know, I'm met with creepy-as-fuck up-and-down eye movement and a slow smile. How do these guys score with girls? They're not interesting or flirty. It seems like they'll bang anything that moves, which is about the least-attractive thing ever. I understand we all have sex drives, but good God.

After scoring a free beer from a friend, I hung around for a while, and then bundled up and set out for home. The bus schedule really sucks on the weekends. The only buses that run after 11pm are the campus ones, and they are irregular. I didn't want to stand around just hoping, so I walked. It's 2 miles from where I started to my house, and all of the sidewalks and streets were just piles of snow with a layer of wet ice on top. Every time I put weight on a foot, the foot slid about 4 inches, making it really tiring. I talked to Antoine on my phone for the first half of the walk, and then when I got by his house, he came outside and carried my backpack and held my hand for the whole rest of the way to my house. Antoine is the nicest boyfriend ever! I like him! Everyone should appreciate him.

At least I felt better than some of the people we saw outside.... The female half of a drunk couple on the other side of the road fell down on the sidewalk curb, and started hitting her boyfriend when he tried to help her out, and they threw snow at each other. The scariest person I came across was a girl bundled in a coat, scarf, and wearing a backpack, lying on her side in a parking lot just kind of flailing, yelling, "HEATHER!" The bottom kind of dropped out of my stomach as I was like, WTF, should I call the cops or just try to help her up? Then, a girl in a sweatsuit came running across the footbridge that spans Campus Drive and consoled the fallen girl, helping her stand up, and draping her arm across her back so that she could walk. College students are so WTF. Also, alcoholics. I wouldn't be surprised at all if at least 50% of us were seriously alcoholics.

This morning, the snow had turned to a heavy slush. Louise, her boyfriend, and I used shovels and a snow plow to clear the sidewalk and the driveway of the mess. My car had been on the street, and was surrounded by snow. By gunning it forward and backwards a few times, I almost got it free, but then it got pretty hopelessly stuck between piles of sludge. Lots of rubber was burnt trying to get it free, and we were prepared to shovel it out somehow, when a man and his daughter in a truck came by, and offered to use a rope to pull us free. People are so nice! Now my car is on the other side of the street, looking much more car-like, and less like a trapped animal.

I guess it's time to take a shower to warm up and make myself much less disgusting, eat something good for lunch, and use yesterday's library-work to write this damn paper. I'm not worried about this one (although it and tomorrow's stupid discussion presentation will take me all day), but the genocide paper I have due on Thursday is supposed to be 8-10 pages, and that is scary. I'm going to be comparing the Trail of Tears to Armenia, but I have yet to acquire....any sources, whatsoever. ;_;

It's so hard to work when I have Buffy and Angel lying around, along with so much manga. And such a messy room. Seriously, I can barely stand being in here, :(

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