wDec 21, 2007

Tales From Finals: Part 4

1:53pm: I'm pretty sure I pwned that final like no final has ever been pwned before. The essay that I really wanted to be on there....was. I have now lunched. Now I have time to like, do things. It's pretty sweet. Still have two finals to go, but am surprisingly cheerful.

1:59pm: The display screen on my cell phone is glowing. I threaten it with a violent gesture and a stern face. It stops glowing. I cackle.

6:30pm: OMG, I had a good dinner, and watched another episode of Angel. OMF, I get to go to Antoine's house and exchange Christmas presents soon! I hope he likes what I got him! I swiffered my floor today, and it feels amazing. What would life be like if I dusted and cleared the floor, and vacuumed?! I can't imagine!

11:25pm: So, I went to a branch of the Madison library system that is not the one right by Capitol square today, and holy crap, they have a nice graphic novel section! I thought that all of their stuff was in the teen section, but I was wrong.

Anyway, because I definitely meed more to add to my "to read over break" pile (actually, I don't), I picked up some graphic novels:
Legend of Chun Hyang - CLAMP
Scott Pilgrim, vol. 1-3 - Bryan Lee O'Malley
FRAY - Joss Whedon (etc.) (So excited to read this! In fact, I already read two chapters, and they were good!)
Castle Waiting - Linda Medley (This is actually quite long, literally novel-length, but oh well)

ALSO, Antoine is the nicest and cutest boyfriend ever, and he gave me the hardcover collection of the graphic novel based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower: "The Gunslinger Born." I swear, I don't think that there is a more beautifully drawn/painted comic out there. At least, I've never seen one. Reading this will be like watching a movie. I'm so excited for it!

It'll be nice to read some graphic novels that aren't manga, for a change.

12:13am: AND THUS.....I'll do the take-home exam in the morning. It'll be hokai. After that....I'll be studying for the Women's Studies final at 5:00. I'm not studying much for that one not because I think it'll be a breeze, but because I suck at multiple choice exams no matter what I do.

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