wDec 6, 2007


As I work on my paper, I lengthen the amount of time it will take to finish by writing a blog post about what I'd like to do once I finish.

  • Wash the dishes in my room
  • Put clean sheets on the bed
  • Put all of my clean laundry away
  • Put all of the books lying all over the place away (or, at least in piles, as I've run out of shelf space again)
  • Go see 'The Golden Compass' sometime, although probably not this weekend
  • Go to the library and get the manga that's waiting for me
  • Go to my boss's house with Antoine for a holiday party with co-workers!
  • Start buying Christmas gifts, WTF SCREWED
  • Try catching up on reading for class, preferably while cuddling with Antoine on his warm couch
  • Catch up on Avatar, wtf, apparently it's been good lately
  • Watch the end of Buffy, season 4, wtf this has been killing me. I might even bring it work tomorrow and find a way to watch it with Kerri
  • Possibly buy a space heater. Bringing the electric mattress pad back with me made my quality of life go +5, but I feel that a space heater would be more like +1,000. Still.....I am cheap. (Nevermind how damn cold it is in this room. It causes Chad to spout expletives every time he comes up here.)

Well, that should get me through the weekend, anyway, ;)


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