wDec 23, 2007

Man of Many Faces

Man of Many Faces is a 2-volume story written by CLAMP. It centers on Akira Ijyuin, a 9-year-old attending Clamp School. As you may remember, he is one of the three Clamp School Detectives. In Man of Many Faces, Akira periodically dons an eye-mask and a top hat (looking very much like Tuxedo Mask, from Sailor Moon!) and steals highly-prized items for his two mothers, who ask him to do so. In addition to stealing for them, Akira also does all of the cooking and cleaning for his mothers (remember, this is ALSO in addition to all of his work with the Clamp School Detectives, receiving perfect grades, being on the Student Council, etc.).

One night while evading the police, Akira happens to meet Utako Ōkawa, a kindergarten student at Clamp School who is nursing her broken heart. Verily, at the tender age of 5, Utako has fallen in love. With her teacher. See, CLAMP has this tendency to make young girls between the ages of 5 and 9 fall in love with their teachers, and it is oh, so romantic! Also, WTF. Oh well. Thankfully in this series, the teacher has refused her love, due to their 22-year age difference. Also, Utako is only 5. 5!

Anyway, the series is overall fluffy and cute, detailing their romantic encounters. At least, it's mostly cute except for my mind constantly going, But they are only 5 and 9 years old! WTF! They are impossibly intelligent and mature for their ages. But. Still. Weird.

It was nice to get a lot of characterization for Akira, as Nokoru and Suoh were the two who were most-developed in the Clamp School Detectives manga. The interwebs tell me that these three boys will also appear in X/1999 and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. I wonder if they'll still be elementary school students, or if they will be older. Utako will also have a cameo in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

Also, it can be hard to find manga that is "safe" for young children, in that it doesn't contain any sex or graphic violence, so I will mention that both Man of Many Faces and Clamp School Detectives are kid-safe!

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